Someone tell me why I should tweet!

Never done this before. Blogging, that is. It’s yet another communication channel I’m launching into later than what must be at least a squillion other people.

(I know. I wrote “squillion” and it’s not an actual number. Is it? Drat, better go check before I build a whole routine on a false premise – or, at least, on the premise that something is false – that is to say, that squillion isn’t a genuine number – when, in fact, it’s not true to say that it’s false…or something.

Well, as it turns out it actually is a number; it’s just that nobody knows what it is. If I’d taken the trouble to Google it before I started this I’d have saved myself a whole load of typing because I’d have found this right at the top of the results:

Urban Dictionary: squillion
A word which can be used to indicate a large amount of some thing. Much larger than a million but smaller than a zillion.

So now you know.)

As I was saying, it seems like, well, let’s just say “lots of people” shall we? – have been doing this for a long time. And here’s me, aged forty-something and a bit, supposedly a lover of writing, supposedly “not bad” at it, supposedly would like to “make something more if it”, etcetera, and I have never, ever blogged. I am, as it were, a blogging virgin.

Well, no more! This is it – my first time. And the question I have is this: How was it for you?

Or, at least, that will be my question once I’ve actually made my point. Because, yes, there is one. Not for nothing is this blog called “Is It Just Me?”. For here, dear online colleagues, I shall present to you questions, mysteries and conundrums which puzzle, intrigue or irritate me. I shall fling them willy-nilly into the blogosphere in hopes of enlightenment, entertainment or, at the very least, affirmation that, no, it isn’t just me.

So, as I launch the web’s gazillionth blog, let me put it to you. Today’s question, that is. And it’s this: Why don’t I “get” Twitter? Put another way, why should I tweet?

Once I finally acquired a mobile phone in 2002 (another late start, I know) it didn’t take long for me to “get” texting. When my kids went to university I finally saw some value in Facebook (having been completely flummoxed by the whole MySpace/Bebo craze when they were at school). But Twitter? Not grasped that one yet, no sir. Never mind that zillions of people have clearly “got it”. (Yes, that is more than a squillion). Never mind that one of them is Stephen Fry, whose linguistic dexterity is something of an inspiration to a would-be blogger. And never mind that at least one police force has been tweeting, or so I believe.

Yes, I’ve been to the site. No, I don’t have an account. Yes, I’ve read some tweets. No, I still don’t see the point. I mean, what does it do that you can’t do with a web site / email / RSS feed / Facebook update / nice letter in the post?

Enlighten me, please.


Author: mark1408

Over 50 years' experience of being me. Working in the world of IT and writing in the hope of making you think, laugh or at least read more of my stuff.

6 thoughts on “Someone tell me why I should tweet!”

  1. I hope you keep blogging, Mark; I found this a very enjoyable/entertaining read. You are a witty writer. Me likey.

    As far as Twitter is concerned… uh, I have an account, which I very rarely use. I use it whenever I have released a new song, and if I was gigging regularly I would use it more – as a means of advertisement. But, day to day I really can’t be bothered with it. Most people seem to love it or hate it; I don’t see much to it other than, as I said, to plug whatever you are doing (in other words: advertise). I think some people like it because they can feel more “connected” to a favourite celebrity (if that celeb is on Twitter and regularly Tweets). But, if you aren’t particularly gaga over someone on there, it doesn’t have much appeal other than the advertising angle. I, too, like Stephen Fry, and so I did try to read some of his Tweets every once in a while, but I can’t remember the last time I did that. I was just hoping it would give more exposure to my music. It has – a bit…but nothing spectacular.

    Oh, yeah, a word on MySpace. I don’t blame you for giving that a miss, as well! I hate MySpace. People have asked me why, as a musical artist, I’m not on there. I know that it probably would do what Twitter isn’t doing for me in that regard, but it is sooooo user un-friendly. Using it just winds me up, and I don’t need any more winding up, lol!


    Keep blogging…and, I will keep reading. šŸ™‚

    A x

  2. Nice numerical digression!

    I think the point of twitter – or one of them at least is to do with opinion. It’s a very quick way (once you have more than a couple of connections) to voice a thought or opinion and have people comment, discuss and involve themselves in raging debate. I think the limited nature of each tweet provides a concise boundary within which to stage such activity. Yes, there will be the usual dross of minute-by-minute accounts of people’s every action throughout their day displayed for all to see, but you get that with the likes of Facebook et al anyway. The truth is Mark, it’s just ANOTHER online place on which to voice opinion, air thoughts and generally rant. An optional place at that.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I’ll have a revelation and “get” Twitter one day. But until then you’ve reassured me that I can dispense with that vague feeling that I must be missing something important (especially as squillions of other people are doing it…).

  4. Twitter is very much Facebook but without the pokes, photo albums, videos, apps, chat and whatever else even myself, a very regular Facebook user hasn’t yet discovered (I’m sure there is plenty). Yes, it’s a great way to keep upto date with celebrities but there are also many companies and organisations that use Twitter to keep stakeholders informed with the latest news.
    The likes of Lord Sugar, Duncan Bannatyne and Dave Jones are all on there. It is worth joining (even if only briefly) to see what they get up to. It’s quite surprising how ‘normal’ they actually are, even with the millions/billions…possibly ‘squillions’ that they possess.
    To the extreme…Charlie Sheen has joined (I’m sure you have seen on the news) and gained 1 million viewers in 24 hours.

    I feel it is very much a ‘give it a go’ activity. Like Facebook, you either hate it or you love it. I personally joined in 2009, played around with it for a while, then didn’t touch it until a couple of days ago.

    Popularity is growing quickly. Reading updates on celebrities’ and friends’ lives is an ever growing craze. Like you state, Twitter is good for a blogger. Somewhat a micro-blogging site if you will.

  5. Oh, irony of ironies – I have created a Twitter account (@mark_1408). Thought it was time to try this out properly!

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