I Could Have Been Scott Adams…


…if only I could draw. Which I can’t. And no, that’s not false humility. It’s realism. I am the world’s worst drawer – probably. I loathe Pictionary. I hate being asked to express my worship of God by drawing something. And I admire people who can draw – like Scott Adams.

In case you’re in the dark, Scott Adams draws the Dilbert cartoons, beloved of office workers and IT geeks like me, and syndicated all over the print and digital media. I have three of Scott Adams’ books, and last year I had a Dilbert Daily Calendar on the desk at work.

The scenarios and sentiments in the Dilbert cartoons make me laugh frequently. And in large part, like much successful comedy, it’s because they’re so true to life. Scott Adams can write (and draw) about this stuff because he actually did the jobs and worked in the offices and encountered the ridiculous management strategies. So for many years he’s made his living making people laugh by drawing. And for that, I both salute and envy him.

I work in IT, in an office. I can write a bit and sometimes make people laugh. But not enough, I realise, to write books about it. And then there’s my complete lack of drawing talent. That’s why I’m not Scott Adams and he is. I guess there’s only room for one Dilbert cartoonist in the world and Scott beat me to it.

So I shall be content with chortling at his incisive comments on project management, marketing and Dilbert’s struggle to find happiness. I shall pass over the credibility gap created by the talking dog, cat and dinosaur characters. And I shall thank the Lord for not making me Scott Adams because otherwise who would have been me?

At this point I would very much like to have included a Dilbert graphic but suspect I would have been so far over the breach of copyright line that it would have been a mere dot in the distance. So go take a look for yourself, and enjoy.