The year of Give It A Go: It’s not a mid-life crisis, honest

WITHIN the space of a week I’ve been involved in three activities I hope may lead somewhere – but even if they don’t I’m glad of the opportunity to Give It A Go. You will, no doubt, be on the edge of your seat with restless anticipation to know what the said activies actually are, so I will tell you.

Before I do, however, I must warn you that you may feel a tad let down; a sense, even, of anti-climactic disappointment at the non-spectacularness of the aforementioned activities. For these activities do not include, with the greatest regret, starring in a West End musical, scaling the North face of the Eiger or emigrating to Venezuela. Nor, should you be wondering, do they involve the use of a safety net, a crash helmet or a flamethrower. They are, nonetheless, my activities and are therefore deeply, deeply, deeply significant. At least to me. And, I think, to my wife. And to God; of that I’m sure. My children may be passingly interested. You, on the other hand, may by now be extremely irritated with my verbal meanderings, akin to a Ronnie Corbett monologue (which, by the way, were brilliant). You, you may feel, are being led up the garden path, round the houses and, potentially, on a wild goose chase (I like to toss in the odd hackneyed phrase, as you may have noticed) – by my self-indulgent, ridiculously un-grammatical and tortuously obtuse prose.



So – to the activities! (Drat – must stop using the word “activities”. How about “doings”? Nope. Too prone to juvenile, playground interpretation. “Things”? Too vague. “Happenings”? Too 60’s. Activities it is, then.) Once again – to the activities!

  1. I attended training on how to be a voice over artist. (That is, a person what records narration for commercials, audiobooks, videos, documentaries, phone system announcements, lift systems and the like.) Why? Because I wanted to find out if I could be one. A voice over artist, that is. So I had to Give It A Go. Watch, as they say, this space.
  2. I took part in a music practice at my church. (Presumably no explanation is required of what that one’s all about.) And why, I hear you ask? To find out if my singing and guitar playing are suitable to help God’s people worship Him. I don’t know yet. But the time was right for me to Give It A Go.
  3. I played squash with my better half. I am an absolutely appalling player but quite enjoy the game. And I need to be fitter. My cholesterol was measured as being too high a couple of years back and I am almost A Certain Significant Age. So I need some kind of regular strenuous exercise. My better half is encouraging me to play regularly. I could tell from the painful breathing that necessitated frequent rests in the 40-minute session that my system needs a bit more of a workout than it normally gets. So because I like the game, and can play with my best friend, I’m prepared to Give It A Go.

Soooo…there you are. Were you thrilled? Or asking why I’m making such a fuss – probably because you already regularly record voiceovers, play in a band and beat the best at squash. Well, I did warn you.

The theme in our church this year is “Intentionally crossing over”. It means asking God’s help to change, to get from one place to another, to grow, to be different, to be more effective. It means recognising that I have to play a part and not just sit back and complain when nothing happens.

You might think that playing squash or recording your voice don’t have much to do with God. (Although you would probably concede, I’m assuming, that a church band is at least vaguely associated with the whole God arena.) To my mind, though, God’s plan is for me to be as effective and useful as possible in every aspect of life – which includes staying healthy and exploring new options in employment. So from my perspective, these three activities (it’s a drab word, I know – sorry) are all God-given opportunities to Give It A Go. Sometimes He expects me to find out stuff by trying stuff.

So here I am: Hopeful, grateful and Giving It A Go. Will I succeed? Will all of these work out? Dunno. But unless I Give It A Go I’ll always wonder.