The Power of Encouragement – Do it today

Recently someone referred to me as a “talented musician”. While I’m under no illusions as to the level of said talent, I’m also in no doubt that she meant it and that I do, indeed, have a measure of guitary talent that others don’t.

What she doesn’t know is that in years gone by someone else referred to me as “not a real musician”. That was powerful, to the extent that I had to work through giving it to God, practicing the art of forgiveness and all that good stuff. But despite doing all the good stuff there’s no doubt the words influenced me. I’m not one to practice for hours, I can’t pick, I can’t transpose in my head (unless there’s a maximum of three chords 🙂 and I can’t give you screaming solos. I know all that. I also know I’m a decent rhythm guitarist – but those words back then put a kind of glass ceiling above me and created the proverbial inferiority complex.


So to hear myself described as a musician – let alone a talented one – is surprisingly significant. And quite helpful a couple of weeks before featuring in the backing band at a gig.


The point is – you, like her, have no idea how your words might help, enthuse, empower or spur somebody on. So give it a try today. If you pray, ask God to show you who, and how, to encourage. Encouragement’s one of those gifts of the Holy Spirit so don’t dismiss it.


Just do it.


Author: mark1408

Over 50 years' experience of being me. Working in the world of IT and writing in the hope of making you think, laugh or at least read more of my stuff.

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