From a Bottle Full of Dreams to Journey’s End – Guitarist’s Gig Log

AT more than extreme risk of sounding pretentious (because it is), herewith I give you some notes from my most recent gig. (Let’s be honest, first and only gig to date but hey, everybody starts somewhere – even those who just turned 50.) And “my” is stretching a point. It was actually Autumn Dawn Leader‘s gig – Heartstrings & Heartsongs – at our church last week.


Featuring Yours Truly on accoustic rhythm guitar, Heartsongs showcased several of Autumn’s self-penned songs, many of which have been buzzing round my head since rehearsals began. The set included:

  • The Dream – Great opener and “The closest I get to rocky,” as Autumn puts it. Jolly good fun to play. If only I hadn’t messed up the first intro bars it would have been close to perfect. Allegedly nobody noticed but I await the video with interest.
  • Fire and Rain – A version of the James Taylor song accompanied by two quiet guitars. In fact, this show’s the first time I’ve seen fellow (and better) guitarist Bob play electric – in order to avoid accoustic overkill – and very cool it was too.
  • Come Here, Let Me Hold You – An Autumn love song that makes its way “from crooning to belting”, as per her musical direction.
  • My Knight – A melodic ode to Autumn’s beloved hubby accompanied by Ellen’s gentle backing vocal and suitable knights / damsels video produced by my good lady. Note to self: In future when not involved in a song, leave the stage!
  • Journey’s End – Beautiful ballad based on a poem written by said beloved hubby. The sentiment brings a tear to my eye as I think of getting older with my own beloved lady.
  • Bottle – Simple and heartfelt, just Autumn and the keyboard. Quickly written (in 10 minutes, it seems) but encapsulating Autumn’s experiences of dreams deferred and the angst attached thereto. 
  • Undivided – Based on one of David’s psalms set to Autumn’s music, this is a plea to God for a devoted heart of worship and a life dedicated to His service.

The set concluded with a rendition of the classic Simon & Garfunkel number Bridge Over Troubled Water. I’m a great admirer of Paul Simon’s lyrics and musicianship, and though I doubt he meant it to speak of God’s faithfulness, that was the clear sentiment by this stage of the show.

It all seemed to work pretty well despite my fluffed (or altogether missing) chord changes, which is quite right because this wasn’t about one instrument (thankfully). Great experience and who knows maybe not the last.

By now you’re probably looking for links to MP3s, videos and YouTube-y things. Follow the YouTube links to individual videos above or see Autumn’s YouTube channel. You can also keep an eye on Autumn’s Facebook page or follow her @songmistress Twitter account.

For now, I really must find out how to play an F2 chord…


Author: mark1408

Over 50 years' experience of being me. Working in the world of IT and writing in the hope of making you think, laugh or at least read more of my stuff.

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