Thrilling Workaround for Failed iPad Yahoo Calendar Sync


BACK in the dim and distant past I found a solution to my “iPod won’t sync with Outlook calendar” woes. It was more of a workaround than a fix, and involved switching to an online calendar instead – one provided by Yahoo.

Time moved on (as it has the habit of doing, and, I confidently predict, will do until we reach the eternal state – but that’s at least 1,007 years away and, as they say, another story…). I became the proud owner of a second iGizmo – the iPad, no less – and found – shock, horror! – a snafu with – guess what? Calendar syncing.

(Just an aside here to acknowledge the convoluted construction of that last paragraph. I thought about a rewrite but actually I quite like it and so, unapologetically, it shall remain. It’s worth the effort of a second read if all those commas and dashes seem to render it unintelligible. Honest.)

Bottom line – my best friend the Yahoo calendar wouldn’t talk to my new iThing! At least, not the one connected to the email address I wanted to use. ‘Cos the odd and perverse truth of the matter is that I have more than one mailbox with the same account, each of which can have a calendar, and while others would do their syncing thang with the iWotsit, the one I wanted just refused to play ball. In fact, when I enabled it my Calendar app became a shadow of its intended self, with various jolly important functions (like adding appointments) just, well, not there. 

There’s always a little comfort in knowing you’re not alone, and should you care to search on “iPad Yahoo calendar sync” you’ll find at least 743 puzzled and fed up punters suffering  the same fate. You’ll also find a dozen suggested solutions, none of which worked (sniff). But what you won’t find (although correct me if I’m wrong) is anyone with this same “single-account-multi-mailbox-one-calendar-fails-while-others-are-OK” syndrome.


I am thrilled beyond measure – no, wait, I cannot claim that in all integrity – I am somewhat thrilled to announce that I have found…a workaround. Hooray. (Sorry that “workaround” is a very boring, business-like word but it seems to express the nature of the solution concisely. Is there a cooler phrase to use these days? Please let me know.) Anyhooo…stick with me…here’s what I did.

  1. I went to the calendar I wanted to appear on my iDoodah.
  2. I clicked a link called “Share” and said “I’d like to share this calendar with <enter email address of one of my other mailboxes under the same account> please”.
  3. I got a nice friendly email at that address with a link to click telling me that my other email address had kindly offered to share its calendar with me. 
  4. I clicked said link and – lo! The calendar I wanted now also appeared on the calendar of my secondary email address. Hooray, again.
  5. Lastly, and most significantly, I told my iFriend to use the calendar from my secondary email address. Since that calendar now included the appointments from the main email address, and, furthermore, since that calendar had always played nicely, I tapped and clicked and..lo once more! I get to see, edit, sync and whatever else my heart desires with the said calendar for the said account on the said new device as well as the aforementioned old device.


Realistically, I’m guessing that many of you who’ve been kind enough to read this don’t really have a Scooby Doo what I’m talking about. Suffice to say it made me happy, and maybe my techno-babble has stirred a little smile and given you a little bit of happy as well. If so, then it’s all been worthwhile. And if, by chance, you need some technical assistance presented with a serious face, do drop me a line. I can do serious when required. But not for long.


Author: mark1408

Over 50 years' experience of being me. Working in the world of IT and writing in the hope of making you think, laugh or at least read more of my stuff.

One thought on “Thrilling Workaround for Failed iPad Yahoo Calendar Sync”

  1. This was SO WORTHWHILE! I laughed and laughed and, then, I laughed ’til I cried when I got to iFriend! Brilliant! And, you used one of my favouritest words; snafu! 😉

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