The Most Important Thing In Life, Ever

So it's my first foray into WordPress and I'm excited to find my way around. For now, here's a link that tells you my overriding priority in life. Without this, nothing else matters, nothing else works.

The Most Important Thing In Life, Ever

Hopefully more stuff to follow. Much more. More than you might even want. Or think you want. But you're wrong. So there.



Diaries, Drawers and the Joy of the Physical


Before I begin I should explain a few things. First, I’m composing this by email because on the iPad I can’t use the Notes app as when I copy the text from the Note either straight into Posterous or even into an email subsequently sent to Posterous, the font and paragraph formatting is, well, just soooo wrong. I can log into the site and fix it all but, I mean, really, who wants to have to do that? And I can compose direct on the Posterous site on Safari on the iPad but – unlike working direct in the browser on a PC, I don’t get any option to save the post as a draft, meaning I have to write it all at once without any saving, and just hoping beyond hope the system doesn’t crash while so doing. (I could, it’s true, just publish a half-finished post and finish it later but then all my eager readers who await the auto-announcement of each new post would be, like, so disappointed and would lose faith in me and tell others never to read my posts and my blogging career would be utterly and irrevocably ruined before it’s even begun.) Writing in an email at least gives me the option of saving a draft to protect my pearls of wisdom while I pause to drink PG Tips or take out the recycling.

Pause for breath. And to drink PG Tips.

Secondly, I only got prompted to post today due to running out of space for Saturday. In my diary, that is. My traditional, paper-and-pen diary, that is. You know, where you write things by hand and they don’t instantly appear on all your favourite social media sites. And where you don’t have electronic search facilities. Or the option of hitting backspace to correct your mistakes. Or…well, you get the idea. At least, I’m assuming you do. Because in our connected, digital age I suspect there are those who don’t know what a pen is for. Or how to send a letter. Or, for that matter, why you’d bother to write something that couldn’t be easily “shared” with all one’s “friends”. But I digress from my explanation into the territory of Young Folk Nowadays. I was telling you about Saturday.

My current 2012 diary is nice and compact (A5 size for the stationery-minded among you), but at a page per week it only offers a stingy 1 inch or so for each of Saturday and Sunday. And today’s been so action-packed that I’d filled the space when I turned my hand to Clearing Out That Drawer. Having sorted out a random multitude of Jiffy bags, ribbons, old school photos, gift bags, bubble wrap, candleholders, copies of the Daily Express from 1989 (I kid you not) and unopened, long-forgotten packs of Christmas cards suitable for next year, I jettisoned the excess, reloaded the remaining contents and stood back with a look of smug satisfaction. “This,” I thought, “shall be logged in my diary.” How wrong I was. For space there was none. What to do? “Aha!” I thought. “On the blog shall this fascinating glimpse into my life go!” And so it has proved. Not that I expect anyone to really care or be amused, challenged or otherwise aroused to any kind of emotional response. But I couldn’t let this moment pass into obscurity without being somewhere recorded – and, I agree, on this occasion, shared electronically via all my favourite social media sites.

Cool, huh?

Oh, and one more happy consequence of the clear-out: I am finally going to rescue all those old school and graduation photos and give them a home in an album. A real photo album.  A physical one where you turn physical pages. One where the contents are not easily accessible by distant friends and family. One, indeed, which is a tag-free zone. Oh, yes – the joy of the physical.

You’ll be delighted to learn that my 2013 diary, while once again being A5 size, is of the page-per-day type – except at weekends, where it becomes a weekend-per-page type. Nevertheless, this is a significant increase in the writing space available. And thus this may be both the first and last post describing the minutae and trivia which may be diary-worthy but, in reality, hardly blog-worthy. If, however, by some slim chance or great miracle I am mistaken, and your greatest wish for the new year is to read more incoherent domestic ramblings from the mind of a supposedly intelligent 50-something, do let me know.

Happy New Year. Enjoy your diary, enjoy a good clear-out and don’t, please, forget to enjoy the physical.