The Wrath of God: This time it’s personal

Wrath? Really? I mean, who talks about that any more?

Well there's me for a start. And the script writers of The Wrath of Khan (a.k.a. Star Trek II) and Wrath of the Titans (a 2011 film apparently not worth watching). So that's at least three people. Then there are the authors of at least 11 books of the Bible that mention wrath (mostly God's but occasionally a person's or maybe a nation's – can a nation collectively feel or exhibit wrath? Don't know; discuss…).

Admittedly those Biblical authors aren't what you could meaningfully call contemporary, being long dead and all. But, as you may know, we Christians hold the Bible as being the word of God that “speaks” today. Soooo, making a heroic leap of logic, there's a sense in which those writers are “of today” and therefore can justifiably be numbered among modern folk who talk about wrath. (If you say it fast and don't think about it too much it makes perfect sense, honest.)

I put it to you, therefore, that, yes, some people talk about it. That does not, however, make it popular. Not being popular, however, does not make it irrelevant. No indeed. If that were so, then long division and headlice would also be irrelevant. No, siree, one cannot sideline the wrath (or anger, if you simply must) of God (yes, I'm operating on the premise that He exists) based on the fact that it's not trending on Twitter. It, like long division and headlice, is an uncomfortable fact of life. In my opinion.

The sermon I heard last Sunday actually took the wrath of God as its theme. This is an occurrence almost as rare as a fall in the price of petrol. It may also be as rare as hens' teeth, although I have no corroborating evidence. It was good to be reminded, after 30+ years of Christian living, just why I needed saving, what I was saved from and how much God still detests with a passion (putting it mildly) the sin (a.k.a. wrong stuff that offends God) you'll still see in me if you watch me long enough. Yep. New nature and presence of the Holy Spirit notwithstanding, this born-again, redeemed, forgiven guy still screws up. And when he does, it offends my creator. Personally. Personally and specifically. What I specifically do, specifically and personally offends the omnipresent creator of the universe.

And I brush it off with, “Sorry, Lord.”

Sure, I can ask and expect forgiveness – but only because when the Lord looks at me He sees the goodness of Jesus. It sure ain't down to what a cool dude I am.

“Sin” is also unpopular as a word and a concept. As an activity of human beings, on the other hand, it's pretty much top of the charts. 'Cos that's how we is born, folks. And God hates it vehemently. Not conceptually or generally, but specifically and personally. I need to remember that.


Author: mark1408

Over 50 years' experience of being me. Working in the world of IT and writing in the hope of making you think, laugh or at least read more of my stuff.

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