Why I won’t bother with a teapot any more

Why use a teapot? Purists may try to convince me otherwise, but as far as I can see it’s all about getting more than one cup out of a tea bag. (Mind you, based on the “one per person and one for the pot” mantra even that doesn’t apply.) When you make tea in a pot you have to wait five minutes for it to brew. You give it a stir, take the bags out to stop it getting too strong (or do you pour everyone half a mug – who uses teacups these days? – then top the pot up with boiling water, wait a few minutes and pour everyone their second half. And when you’ve drunk your tea you’ve a teapot to rinse and clean. Even now I can hear the cries of, “Oh, no dearie, you mustn’t put your teapot in the washing up water!”

All to save the cost of a few tea bags.

Well recently I guesstimated just how much the teapot ritual was saving me.

  • About twice a week we’ll want two cups of tea (either for me and my better half or, if it’s an unscheduled early morning, just for me). The teapot way does it with two bags. The nasty, modern way of one bag in each mug takes four. That’s two extra bags per week for 52 weeks, or 104 bags a year.
  • Five times a year, oh, what the heck let’s say 10, we have guests and need to make four or five cups at once. We’ll probably use three bags to it with a teapot – or five to do it the non-pot way. So that’s also two extra bags a time, making 20 bags per year.
  • I make that a grand total of 124 bags per year. Let’s go mad and say it’s 150.
  • My favourite PG Tips Pyramid Bags can be had for under £5 for 240 – much less if they’re on offer. Let’s call it 2p per bag, making my tea pot labours worth about £3 a year.

I can afford that.

So no more waiting for the pot to brew. No more rinsing. From now on it’s one bag per mug and that’s why I won’t bother with a teapot any more.

P.S. I have to confess to the occasional non-pot “transfer-bag-between-mugs” bag-saving tactic. This too shall be consigned to the past.


Author: mark1408

Over 50 years' experience of being me. Working in the world of IT and writing in the hope of making you think, laugh or at least read more of my stuff.

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