Whenever possible, I write my WordPress blog posts on a desktop PC, directly in the wordpress.com editor. It works, and it’s comfortable. But I also have an iPad and it’d be great to be able to edit from there too when I’m away from the PC.

My problem is that my iPad is a vintage 2012 iPad 3 that can only take iOS 9. I used to use (and still have) a now-defunct app called Blogsy. It still works and connects to my WordPress account just fine. The big problem with it is that it does weird things to the paragraph formatting that I often have to clean up once I can get back to the PC.

wp-app-ios-posteditorI know what you’re thinking: “Use the official WordPress app!”. And, whenever I try editing on wordpress.com on Safari on the iPad, I get pop-ups urging me to do just that. The problem is that the current version of the WordPress app needs iOS 10 or later! It looks good, and gets good ratings, but I can’t use it. Back when I acquired Blogsy, the WordPress app got poor ratings so I didn’t bother with it.

So – Blogsy’s a bit naff, I can’t use the WordPress app, and editing on wordpress.com in Safari on the iPad is really frustrating. It’s slow, stuff jumps about…it’s just not practical for anything but the smallest change. I’ve hunted for an alternative iOS 9 app but couldn’t find anything.

I do have an Android phone, and there is an official WordPress app. But, really, who wants to do any significant amount of writing from a phone? And the app’s getting mixed reviews right now, with some serious formatting and posting problems.

Sooooo…unless anyone out there has any bright ideas, I think I’ll have to stick to the desktop until I get a new iPad. I guess I can always scribble my pearls of wisdom in any old notes app and email them to myself if I’m not at the PC.

I just wanted to share my frustration. Ideas, anyone?