SINCE this has been a very occasional series, let me begin by reminding you of the first two of My Worst Photos:

For this third offering I take you back to my first year as an undergraduate electrical engineering student at Loughborough University, where I lived in Royce Hall. Within a few weeks of arriving (October 1981) I was part of a little Gang of Four and one sunny afternoon we wandered around campus taking outstanding shots such as this:

Worst_Pics (3)

We were posing just near the Pilkington Library, which turned out to be the clearest thing in the photo. For some reason my wife-to-be (although neither she nor I thought of her in those terms at that point) felt she needed to be many yards away from us when taking the shot. Hence you can barely make out me, Gill and Caroline. If this were a hi-res digital shot there might be a chance of zooming in to see us in our full beauty, but unfortunately if you try that with scan of a print from a Kodak 126 Instamatic you just get this:

Worst_Pics (3) zoom You might just be able to spot that two of us (if not all) are sporting Loughborough scarves; I still have mine, although I don’t think I’ve worn it for over 35 years. During our Scarf Period we memorably walked into a well-known Loughborough pub (which is still there but shall remain nameless as I’m sure it’s much more friendly now). A hush descended as the locals sized us up; if there’d been a piano player he would have stopped playing. After a second or two one of the regulars said to his mate (but loud enough for us to hear), “They’ve got the scarf on.” After a welcome like that we beat a hasty retreat.

There are other shots in the Scarves Around Campus series which carry more photographic merit, but to show them here wouldn’t be in keeping with the spirit of this series 🙂 So what do you think of this one? Worse than the other two? A good shot of the library? Deliberately composed so as to emphasise the scale of the building compared to the (fuzzy) people? Or just a bit naff?