tech_complexSometimes PC programs don’t uninstall themselves properly. A common one is where your new computer came with anti-virus installed that you don’t want (McAfee in my case). (By the way, I’m assuming you will have SOME anti-virus software…). Anyway, even after telling Windows to remove it I could see there were still some system components (called services) running all the time.

I resorted to McAfee’s own Removal Tool (available via this discussion:…/Mcafee-Firewall-…/td-p/463695). After rebooting, two of the three spurious services had gone. The third one was no longer running. I’ve decided to leave it at that for now; at least those unwanted components won’t be slowing my PC down any more.

Microsoft also has tools for those programs that won’t play ball when you want to get rid of them. Contact me if you need help uninstalling software.