First of all, why would anyone want to back up Gmail emails? Surely the mighty Google have lots of backups, thousands of servers, etc.? True, but what if:

  • My account gets hacked and despite my best attempts I can’t regain access?
  • I’ve gone and permanently deleted messages that I really need to get back?
  • There are messages with business documents attached and it’s just always good practice to have more than one copy?

upsafe_logoThese are the reasons I wanted to do a backup. It’s a “just in case” backup, not a regular one, so I only do it about three times a year. I think it’s a bit of risk management worth doing. If you think the same, there’s a nice free utility called UpSafe Gmail Backup to do that. Beware, though, that if you have Google 2-step verification enabled (and you should), UpSafe can’t cope with Google Prompt as the second step. It just won’t let you in to your Google account to do the backup.

So today I had to use one of my Backup Codes to get into the account in the UpSafe program. It was happy with that.

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