SEE what I did there? It’s a post about cropping photos, but the picture’s from my garden…see? Not funny? Oh, well, worth a try.

But down to business, or, rather, photos. As I headed out to my car the other day I noticed raindrops sat rather fetchingly on the long leaves of a variegated plant. Immediately I paused my busy and very important schedule (ha!) to snap it with my phone. After some cunning on-phone filtering, sharpening and other alchemy, this is what I got:

Nice vivid colours, and it shows you the whole context of the plant against the pebbles. However, since it was the raindrops that caught my eye, and because I’m always in the habit of zooming into a photo to see what impact it has, I then produced this:

I thought this worked pretty well, so had another go in a different part of the image:

“Ooh, nice,” says I. Finally, for good measure, I picked another area where the impact comes from a combination of the raindrops and the number of lines and colours:

What do you think? Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments below.