Photo Post: Dew on young tomatoes

It's a photo of dewdrops hanging off young, green tomatoes one summer's morning a couple of years ago. Hence the title.

I like it.

That is all.



Photo Post: Vivid colours in Queen’s Park, Loughborough


A while back I replaced my 2006 Canon Ixus 800 with…a newer model Canon Ixus. This time it's the 265 HS. It's still a compact, but with higher resolution, more optical zoom and a bunch of novelty effects. One of them is called Vivid Colour, and like the colour picker, it's become a favourite gimmick of mine 🙂

This shot was taken at a low angle looking over the top of a flowerbed and the colours were genuinely fairly bright – although admittedly not as bright as Vivid Colour makes them look. The end result is quite exotic-looking. I don't care that it's not “accurate”; it makes me smile.

Opinion tends to be divided over applying “effects”, whether in the camera or in post-processing. In the end it's a matter of taste; do you like my exotic flowers?


Photo Post: Tree roots at Virginia Water, Windsor Great Park


At first glance this is just your average stunningly attractive (he said, modestly) photo of tree roots in the grounds of Virginia Water, in the south-east corner of Windsor Great Park (yes, that Windsor) in deepest Surrey. Taken, once again, with my veteran (eight years old) Canon Ixus IS 800, the image does, in fact, have another side to it. Look at it for a few seconds and the tree roots begin to morph into…fingers?…limbs?…I even spotted a whole body shape. This is like cloud-gazing but looking at the floor instead of the sky.

What do you see?

For more images of Virginia Water (some of them better than mine, I'll admit), visit their photo gallery.


Photo Post: Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple, Luxor, Egypt


Luxor was incredibly hot, although it was only April. By the time our tour reached Hatshepsut's Temple we were fit to drop and fed up with being harrassed by sellers and “guards” wanting money for posing for photos with you.
It was, however, a spectacular place. And although the history was fascinating, it was the lines and shapes that caught my eye. This image breaks the “rule of thirds” but still draws my eye in and puts a rather self-satisfied look on my face. Maybe the more technically-minded photographers can analyse the composition in more detail but for now it's just one of my favourite holiday snaps.



Photo Post: Colour Picker used on a Barcelona taxi


As I confessed before, Colour Picker is probably derided by purists but is a toy I like on the Canon Ixus 800 IS. The striking black and yellow of Barcelona taxis cried out to be Colour Picker-ised, so here's one of the results. And it just happens that the lettering on the nearby shop is the same yellow. I planned that. Oh, and for those who like to know, the shot was taken near the Place Catalunya end of Las Ramblas.


Photo Post: Blue door near Arnside estuary


I took this during a stroll along the seafront / estuary edge at Arnside on the southern edge of the Lake District. I hardly paused at all as we walked by; only long enough to set my now-venerable Canon Ixus 800 IS to macro mode and shoot the grass stalks. It was only when I took a proper look at home I realised how much I liked it. I like the blue and I really like the bit that looks like a letter box hanging at an angle. Appeals to me and I hope it does to you.


Photo Post: Playing with Colour Picker


Took this in my mum and dad's back garden. It's a bird box in a tree. Big wow. The thing I like is the magical exclusion of all colours except one. (It's blue, if you didn't spot it.) This ability to pick a particular colour on the Canon Ixus 800 IS is called…drum roll please…the Colour Picker. Purists will probably be horrified, so I apologise to you. I just like this effect and wanted to share my delight 🙂


Photo Post: Curving steps at Williamson Park, Lancaster


This is my blog “theme photo”, in case you're trying to remember where you've seen it. I'd like to tell you about the f-stop, exposure and focal length settings here, but I've really no idea. I shot it in 2009 in black and white, broke the rules, blah, blah, blah.
I just want to climb those steps. Well, I did climb them, at the time. What I mean is, when I look at the picture I want to climb them. I happen to know there's a good view from the top, so I recommend it if ever you're in the Lancaster area. If you've never been, just give in to the temptation, climb the steps in your imagination and let me know what you see.


Dr Who weeping angel spotted in Lancashire garden

Whenever I visit my parents I look for photo opportunities around their garden or in the area. This time I think I may have spotted something slightly alarming.

They have an innocent-looking stone statue with a bird bath underneath. Not to everyone’s taste, sure, but innocent nonetheless. Or so I thought.

Taking my trusty Canon Ixus 800 IS I activated macro (it being the only way to throw the background out of focus) and shot this:

Don’t blink! Don’t look away!

Notice, if you will, the cute, panpipe-playing cherub. Now look again. See? He’s looking at you. Again. This time he’s closer, somehow malevolent… Don’t blink!

Or maybe it’s just a garden ornament. Isn’t it?