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Just one of my fave pics
Just one of my fave pics

Thanks for reading some of my words. I blog about a wide-ranging conglomeration of topics like home, family, filing cabinets, faith, old cars, iPads, fictional novel writers, cyber security and small business IT. Not to mention photography, Alice Cooper and World War One.

Why blog? Well, I hope every post will either make you think, make you laugh or tell you something new. But if you happen to pick the one post that fails miserably on all three counts and makes you wish you’d spent those few precious minutes watching reruns of Countdown, please accept my heartfelt apologies.

Special Offer: If you are genuinely left utterly unmoved by my gripping, thoughtful yet hilarious prose I will refund your subscription, no questions asked. Just let me know how much you paid and I’ll mail you a cheque.

New posts appear automatically on my personal Twitter account, but if you’re into the techie side of things you can also find me on LinkedIn or the Spiceworks IT community.


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